Get involved! Share your thoughts for the West Main Street Area Plan.
Do you own property in the West Main Street Study Area?

Should Lebanon have a consistent appearance throughout the City? (i.e. lights, banners, fence, etc.)

What land uses would you like to see in the West Main Street Area? (Select all that apply)

How far is your work from home?

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being "very unimportant" and 5 being "very important", how important is greenspace in community development?

What is your ideal community? Please describe the qualities of this place. (i.e. Charleston, SC / street trees, shops, banners, etc.)

What types of greenspaces do you prefer? (Check all that apply)

What activities do you enjoy? (Check all that apply)

What land-use changes are desirable?

What land-use changes are undesirable?

Thank you for participating!
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